Skater Safety is our number one priority. During this week’s practices, parents MUST remain at the arena at all times with their skater(s).
Skaters: NO RUNNING in the lobby or on the wooden platforms that will be our seating area. It is unnecessary and dangerous. Parents, please discuss and enforce this expectation with your children.
FRONT ENTRANCE DROP OFF AREA: STARSKATERS :for this week, please pull up as far as you can to drop off your skater, and leave. NO IDLING in this area. Skaters—-please be extremely careful when getting in and out of the car. NO running! Drivers, extreme caution please.

We will be using the “Kiss and Ride” system…if you are not familiar with this system….Parents will drive up to the front door with their skater and bag. USC volunteers will escort the skater directly from your vehicle into the building. Parents will not be allowed to park and get out. ONLY parents who are volunteering will be permitted to enter the parking lot. Some may be required to park elsewhere depending on volume. The USC parking lot will be barricaded and a ONE WAY pathway of entering in from Carlton and exiting onto Main will be in effect. This is the only way we can safely accomodate all of our skaters and volunteers in a timely manner. It’s an amazing thing to see!

FINAL reminders: 

Dressing Room Volunteers will only be permitted to watch the show if they have purchased a ticket for that particular show. You cannot go and watch the show after your court is done unless you have a ticket.
There are NO dress rehearsal “free” tickets….Thursday will be our CLOSED dress rehearsal. This rehearsal gives the skaters a chance to perform under the lights, in costume and provides our Dressing Room volunteers, Ushers and Security a chance to do a complete run through to ensure that the performances are perfect for all the shows. NO PARENTS will be permitted entry to this performance. It is drop off and pick up as per the schedule above.
IF you wish your skater to join you during a show that you intend to watch, you must purchase a ticket for your skater. You will need to send the ticket with your skater on the show day when you drop them off. Once the skater is done their performance, they will be escorted to their seat to join you. Otherwise, the expectation is that parents will pick up their skaters at the scheduled times.
What to send? 
On the show days, you may send a nut free snack and water only. Skaters are not permitted to eat in costume.
We will be strictly enforcing the NO PHOTO NO VIDEO rule during all shows. We have a DVD available for purchase. You may place your orders online and at the show. Blu Ray and DVD formats available. NO videotaping or phone recordings, or photos will be permitted. Ushers and security will be enforcing this. Please respect this rule which is in effect in virtually every venue in the GTA and as well, flash photography presents a serious danger to our skaters. We also remind Dressing Room Volunteers and skaters that NO PHOTOS are to be taken in Changerooms as per City of Markham by laws.
HUNGRY??? visit the Snack Shack! concession area  We have a variety of items offered for sale: fresh fruit, chips, candies and PIZZA! Simplify your rehearsals at the rink with a treat and some dinner. Pizza will arrive hot and fresh nightly tonight and tomorrow. Bring your loonies and toonies!

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