PHOTO DAY :  April 18 & 19
Photo day Checklist: 
~SKATES (photos are taken in full costume with skates) please provide a bag.
~HARD GUARDS : you will need them for SATURDAY…cut and labelled. Skaters will be getting changed in dressing rooms all around the arena and walking on the cement to get to the Photo location. Your skater MUST have hard guards.
~PHOTO DAY SCHEDULE: please check your time!! A copy is on display in the lobby and also available in the ICE SHOW 2015 box on the Home Page of our website. Please check carefully the time of DROP OFF and PICK UP.

~PHOTO ORDER FORMS: these were handed out to skaters a few weeks ago. Lost your form? Please download from the website. You will need to bring completed forms and payment on the day and prepay. Group and Individual photos are optional however please note that the group photo is the only one that will appear in the Show Program

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