Update on USC Reunion Tickets – How to Purchase


If you were interested in purchasing tickets to the USC Reunion, there is a problem with the website purchase method. Our apologies, but you can still purchase tickets by sending a request to Janice Pickering  at canskate@unionvilleskatingclub.com

Tickets are $25 each.  Payments for tickets can be made at the USC office or by mail.
Confirmation of tickets will be sent out upon receipt of payment.

This event is taking place on April 9, 2016 at York Downs Golf and Country Club in Unionville.
A great opportunity to reconnect with former skaters and USC families!

Attendees must be 19 years or over.  Semi-casual dress code.

We will be offering a cash bar.

Get your tickets today!

York Downs Golf and Country Club
4134 16th Avenue
Unionville, Ontario
L3R 0P1
Map and Directions


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