Ice Fantasia 2017 – Announcing our Director, Assistant Director, Producer and Assistant Producer!

In fine USC form and tradition, we are gearing up for another spectacular Ice Show. Please mark your calendars for April 28th, 29th, and 30th! For those who don’t know, this is the time when our humble community arena will be transformed into a magical place where our youngest skaters right through to our highest achieving skaters will dazzle and perform in our 49th production of Ice Fantasia!

The USC Board of Directors would like to announce that Sandra Osbaldeston has once again been hired as Director for the show.  After Directing 11 spectacular ice shows, Sandy brings a wealth of expertise and dedication that is much admired.  Sandy will be providing all creative direction including all music selections, costume design, casting lists, schedules, coach assignments for choreography, continuity and dress rehearsal direction, and the arrangement of the guest skater(s). 

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Leanne Lamarche will take on the role of Assistant Director. Leanne will be invaluable in assisting Sandy while also learning all the ins and outs of putting on such a massive production.

Finding an Ice Show Producer is no small task however  USC is fortunate to have Priscilla Cheung take on this volunteer role. Priscilla has been with USC  for many years and has three children, all skating with the club.  Priscilla has taken on many volunteer roles over the years, including on prior Ice Show committees.  Priscilla will be responsible for overseeing the various committee members, working with the Ice Show Director & Board, and streamlining the off ice components of the show. 

Priscilla is joined by Lizzie Chen who has taken on the role of Assistant Ice Show Producer.   Lizzie is a long time USC member and mother of Jerry Chen, one of USC’s advanced and highly accomplished skaters. Lizzie will be taking the lead on event security & ushers.

As you can imagine, USC could never put on a show of this magnitude without the generous donation of time and effort from it’s members. As such, we come to you, our members to ask for volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering, in any capacity, please contact Priscilla Cheung at

USC Board of Directors

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