1. It is recommended that skates be re-sharpened after approximately 20- 30 hours of skating (depending on usage and care).

  2. Download a copy of our brochure for full details of proper apparel & equipment.

    Good to Know, Equipment & Safety

  3. Click on the link to open the  Rules and Registration Regulations

  4. Skaters enrolled in Preschool and CanSkate (A, B & C) receive Report Cards detailing their progress throughout the year. Preschoolers receive 2 Report Cards, one in December and once again in April; CanSkaters receive 1 Report Card only in April.

    We ask that skaters keep their Report Cards so that they may be updated as the skater progresses through the CanSkate program. Skaters will be asked to return their Report Cards to the USC Office in February for updating.

  5. Skaters are awarded badges upon successful completion of a Canskate level. If your skater receives a white ‘badge slip’, they are asked to take the badge slip to the USC Office where Marg will then provide your skater with the appropriate CanSkate badge.

  6. Once a skater has completed the CanSkate program, they may advance to the STARSkate program which offers skaters an opportunity to develop their figure skating skills in four areas :

    Ice Dance, Skating Skills, Free Skate and Interpretive.

    Within each category, skaters may be assessed through a Skate Canada sanctioned process called “Test Stream”. Advancement within the STARSkate program requires the successful completion of levels within the four skating categories.

  7. Once a skater has completed the CanSkate program and enters the STARSkate program, their performance is assessed through a Skate Canada sanctioned process called “Test Stream”. Badges and pins for successful completion of levels within STARSkate/Test Stream are available for order at an additional charge. Please see Marg Quigley in the USC Office if you would like to order any STARSkate badges/pins.

  8. USC membership means our coaches are available to you for private, one-on-one lessons.

    At the CanSkate level, skaters are coached in a group format. Private coaching is not required – it is up to the parents and their skaters to decide whether or not they wish to supplement their group lessons with private one-on-one coaching. However, there is no private coaching allowed at the Preschool and Canskate A Level as per Skate Canada Guidelines.

    Once a skater enters the STARSkate program, private coaching is required. With the exception of Intro Star, there are no longer structured group lessons.

    Lessons for Synchroskate and CanPowerSkate are provided in group format. There are no private lessons allowed on these sessions.

    For more information regarding private coaching please check out our Member Resources and/or Coaches Page.

  9. Consider a favourite CanSkate coach, follow a personal recommendation, review our Coaches bios, or refer to the club office for advice.

  10. CanSkate: Skate Canada’s flagship learn-to-skate program for beginners of any age that teaches fundamental movements and basic skills.

    STARSkate: Skate Canada Program which offers opportunities for skaters to develop basic to advanced skating skills in four different areas: Interpretive, Dance, Free Skating, and Skating Skills

    Choreography: Arrangement of steps that connect technical jumps/spins to creative body movement, to interpret a music selection.

    Interpretive: Creativity and movement to music, with emphasis on performance over technical.

    Dance: Set pattern of steps to prescribed music, incorporating timing, musicality, rhythm structure and skills.

    Free Skate: Combines technical elements with creativity and movement to music.

    Skills: Skating movements, edges and turns, on a pattern.

    Power Skating: Balance, power, agility, speed and endurance for hockey and ringette players.


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