We are excited to continue our recently launched FASTTrack Program into Spring 2024.

If you have an interest in the program, please read the information below and then fill out the form in the link provided. 

FASTTrack Audition Intention Form for Spring 2024:


Important Information: 

Director : Sandy Osbaldeston

WHO? : Skaters currently participating in CanSkate or IntroStar aged 4-8 only. 

WHAT? : A pathway for aspiring figure skaters.

WHEN? : Continuing 5 session options per week in Spring 2024. Will run concurrently with the current IntroStar Sessions.

WHY? : To provide a more streamlined “FASTTrack” pathway into our StarSkate level. 

HOW? : Audition only program 

The goal of FASTTrack is to provide an accelerated and intensive training pathway for our young and dedicated skaters. This program is specifically aimed at CanSkaters aged 4-8 who are ready to embrace a more rigorous training schedule.

Clarifying Pathways Within USC:

Along with this introduction, I want to clarify the three distinct pathways we now have for our skaters’ development.

  1. CanSkate Badge 1-6: This remains our foundational pathway, 
  2. Intro Program entering at Badge 5: Skaters are still eligible to enter the Intro program starting at Badge 5, as per the current norm
  3. FASTTrack Program: This is our new and dynamic pathway into the IntroStar curriculum. It is tailored for skaters who are committed to a more intensive training schedule. FASTTrack is designed for skaters who are willing to train multiple days per week, offering a focused and accelerated development opportunity. 

Please Note: Skaters participating in the FASTTrack program will not be focusing on the CanSkate Badges 1-6 as their primary lesson content, instead, the focus will be the Intro StarSkate curriculum in preparation for a figure skating solo upon graduation. CanSkate Badges will continue to be assessed and awarded upon successful completion however this is not the focus of the program. 

FASTTrack Program Overview:

The FASTTrack Program is an expansion of our successful Enhanced CanSkate program, offering a focused approach to skating skills development. It is a unique opportunity for skaters who demonstrate a high level of potential and dedication, allowing them to train multiple days per week as part of our IntroStar curriculum. Skaters in this program will receive a comprehensive evaluation in each phase of skill development, with assessments marked as GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, or NO CONCEPT providing clear feedback and goals.

GOLD: Excellent. Exceeds Expectations. Strong and Effortless. This could be shown as a teaching example by the coaches.

SILVER: Adequately performed. Positioning or glide could still use work. The general concept is apparent.  

BRONZE: The skater has shown an understanding of this section of the skill performed, but the skill still has technical or positioning errors which will need to be corrected.

—  : The skater has not yet shown an understanding to be able to demonstrate the section of the skill. 

Please only request an audition if you are prepared to skate a minimum of 2 sessions below per week plus one off-ice session at Elite Jump Performance. Off-ice at EJP may take place on any Intro, or FASTTrack dedicated time with options throughout the week. More sessions are encouraged. You are also encouraged to contract a private USC coach for Open Ice sessions, subject to coaches’ availability. Please note private lessons are between the private coach and client, not USC. 


Monday 5:50-6:40

Tuesday 6:00-6:50

Wednesday 4:10-5:00

Thursday 7:00-7:50

Saturday (Enhanced) 9:50-10:50

Audition Details:

We are conducting auditions to identify skaters who are best suited for this accelerated pathway. Auditions will be arranged to occur on the skater’s current registered session.  Auditions are designed to assess a skater’s readiness for the program. An audition will not guarantee you a spot within the program but may provide you with a ranking in which, if a spot opens, the highest-ranking skater will be offered a spot first. A skater may audition once per season to improve their internal ranking. 

Please Note: Auditions are not lessons but short assessments lasting no more than 10 minutes.

Audition Times:

Unlike last session, auditions will not need to be registered for on Uplifter. Auditions will be held during the skater’s current session. 

Please be aware that space in the FASTTrack Program is limited. If your skater is not selected this term, we encourage you to audition again next term.

Mandatory Dress Code:

All participants must adhere to specific attire and equipment guidelines to ensure safety and compliance with figure skating standards. This includes wearing appropriate skating attire, which excludes: 

  • Proper fitting figure skates and blades
  • A CSA Helmet until Badge 5 has been successfully passed. 
  • A tight-fitting jacket with layers for warmth. (No bulky ski jacket) 
  • No hooded garments
  • Keeping hair neatly tied back and out of the face.

Examples of suggested proper figure skates are pictured below. 

Please Note:  While these requirements are not mandatory for the audition phase, by participating in the audition process, you agree to equip your skater with properly fitting figure skates and blades. This is essential not only for safety but also for the effective execution of the skills required for successful participation in the program.

The FASTTrack Program represents a significant step in offering tailored training opportunities for our young skaters. We believe it will greatly enhance their skills and experience in the sport.

For more information or to schedule an audition, please visit our Uplifter page. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for being a part of the Unionville Skating Club community. We look forward to seeing our young skaters thrive in the FASTTrack Program!


There will be a $25 administration fee for any refunds processed after classes begin, September 9th.