Ask Janice: Sept 19-25
By usc
Our programs are well under-way! We have had some tears and laughter the first week. This is to be expected. Many happy days are ahead!
For CanSkate and Preschool Parents:
Question and Answer period: Sept 19-25 
This will be taking place starting this Friday September 19 in the lobby. Janice Pickering, our CanSkate supervisor, will be on hand to answer all of your questions about skating! Question time will begin 15 minutes after the start of each skating session. If you have questions, bring them! Janice will be happy to answer. Even if you don’t have questions, this is a great time to hear about what USC skating programs are all about!  
A few housekeeping items: 
A parent MUST remain at the arena during their skaters’ session.  We are not able to take skaters to the washroom and we need to have someone in the building in case their skater gets hurt. 

Safety and Attire: 
Skaters must wear mittens or gloves.
Skaters are working very hard on the ice so they don’t need to be overdressed. A light waterproof pant is ideal for beginners.  It is fairly warm on the ice and some skaters are overheating with bulky outerwear. Layers are always good.

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