Test Day!  Thursday, October 30 will be both a High and Low Test day.
By usc
Test Day! Thursday, October 30 will be both a High and Low Test day. 
Any conflicts with this date must be forwarded to the test committee by Thursday October 9, not when the schedule is posted. Keep the time from  3:00-9:00 pm open for scheduled tests. Any notifications received after October 9 will only be considered if there is time available.
Not testing? What does this mean for me?
 All regularly scheduled classes including Open Ice may be cancelled that day, depending on how many skaters are testing. A schedule will be sent to those testing and will be posted on the website as well. Notification to the general membership will occur approximately one week before the Test day.
Thank you for your understanding and we wish all of our skaters trying their tests good luck!

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