Continuity week is coming!!!
Continuity week is upon us! Starting Saturday, April 18, we will be rehearsing the entire show from start to finish. These rehearsals provide the flow of the show and clarify entrances, exits and cues for the skaters and volunteers on and off the ice.
ARRIVAL: Upon arrival next Saturday, skaters should look for the area in the arena where their court will gather. The first day, expect it to be a little confusing. We will have volunteers directing. It will fall into place as the week goes on! Look for SIGNS with the name of your court (Olaf, Bert, Flounder etc) around the rink.
HARD PLASTIC SKATE GUARDS: are needed! Skaters will be travelling around the arena to their assigned spot on the concrete. GUARDS are a necessity. Skaters will not be carried! Please purchase your hard guards this week! Thank you!
How long will I have to stay? 

When we do these run throughs, your skater may be asked to skate their number only once. Once they have skated, you are FREE TO GO! Sometimes there is something that needs refinement , and a second skate is required right then. ¬†This is what makes a show of this size so impressive—lots of practice and polish!

Please go to the USC website and download the CONTINUITY PACKAGE and SCHEDULE for your skater. You may also find it handy to keep on your Smartphone.

Look for them in the USC ICE SHOW 2015 box on the homepage!!

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