Ice Fantasia 2015 tickets go on sale April 1 @ 12:00 am!

Ice Fantasia 2015 tickets go on sale at 12:00 am April 1st! Get your tickets online at the following link!

This link is for the sale to the public /members and will not be active until midnight April 1. There is no limit on how many tickets you may purchase. Invite friends, family, teachers, neighbours and for goodness sakes make sure you see the show yourself at least once! Tickets are $25 each and non refundable.

Q and A:
Q:I am volunteering….do I need to purchase a ticket for myself?
A: YES, we value your time volunteering in dressing rooms and beyond. Once your court has completed their performance, changed out of their costumes and left the building, you may go home. If you wish to see the show that day, you will need a ticket. Your child will also require a ticket.
Q: I am watching the show on Saturday. Does my child need a ticket to come and join me in the audience? 
A: YES, if your child is planning on joining you to watch the show, they will need a ticket also. An usher will escort them to their seat once their performance is done and they can enjoy the show.
Q:Does my toddler need to have his/her own ticket?
A:  Yes, anyone occupying a seat needs a ticket
QQQQQQQ?? If you have further questions regarding TICKETS or anything else ICE SHOW, please email

[email protected] we are here to help you!!

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